Tessa is a natural storyteller who has a deep understanding
of brands and what they are trying to achieve.
Munira Ibrahim, SVP of Content Solutions, Thomson Reuters

Tessa is a supreme communicator. Smart, incisive
and a joy to work with.
Bridgid Nzekwu, Head of Media Training, Press Association

Tessa delivered a brilliant product on deadline.
Save the Children

Tessa used her extensive journalistic skills to make
light weight of a heavy, complicated subject and we were
thrilled with the results.
Global Communications Agency

My website copy was a lame duck, but Tessa made it fly.
Accounts Resource

I give TPW the full 5 stars.
Courier Software

Tessa is a true story teller.
Content Specialist





NEC is a pioneering Japanese Information Communications Technology company - a world leader in providing smart, data-driven solutions for the retail and transport industries. The campaign was to create a content hub for NEC that would sit on the Reuters platform. I created the taglines, to grab reader’s attention. I also wrote the articles – transforming tech heavy subject-matters into stories that are relevant to all of us.


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